Anguilla Lit Fest POSTER 2013
Anguilla Lit Fest POSTER 2013

I just got back from the USA with a pile of newly printed “Connect to Authentic Success” books. It was a proud moment to actually hold the book in my hands! No sooner had my feet touched down was I on a ferry to Anguilla. The sea was a little rough but the destination was important and necessary!

I arrived at the gorgeous, spacious and welcoming Paradise Cove Resort where I was helped with my large (2) suitcases filled with goodies for the school children the next day! Great to see Sherrilyn, the resort director once again and on form! I have a few minutes to change then off to Governor of Anguilla’s Residence, where I met the governor Alistair and his wife Sarah, as well as other invited guests, Candis from the Tourist Board, my friend Rachel and daughter Esme, Vanessa, Josveek, authors and media. It was a lovely gathering kindly put on by the Anguilla Tourist Board, they did a fine job! Not too late an evening, so everyone retired at a reasonable hour ready for the next days activities!

Candis Niles from the Anguilla Tourist Board and I at the Governor of Anguilla's Welcome
Candis Niles from the Anguilla Tourist Board and I at the Governor of Anguilla’s Welcome

I woke on day 2 to have my continental breakfast in the outdoor dining area surrounded by palm trees and a warm breeze. The tea hit the spot  (I almost made it to the very inviting looking pool) but had to sort out some logistics. So before I knew it, I was in the car with Reggie and Gillian to Da Vida Restaurant overlooking yet another pristine Anguilla Bay (It’s hard to choose here as they are all very stunning…Shoal Bay still my Favourite though – do not miss it when you come here!) I got talking to the talented JO-Anne Mason who writes children’s books, her illustrations are awesome ( and she showed me how to buy my book using a Samsung Note Phone – pretty impressive gadget! Here’s Jo with her pretty impressive gadget and new dowload of my book on Kindle.

Jo-Anne Masion – Author and Illustrator

After a brief Mahi Mahi Salad I was in a school room with about 15 shy Anguilla school children! We talked about their stories, what they like to write, what they want to be when they grow up and how to publish a book!

The School Children

The School Children!
Amanda's students!
Amanda’s students


They won prizes and all got bookmarks with an inspirational quote on it…I am sure there are a few writers and possibly actors on track for success there!




Inspiring the children to create, write and act!
Inspiring the children to create, write and act!

Then we got to meet the library staff and donate books!

Here is Cassida Thomas Carty, one of the library assistants and I:

Cassida, Library Assistant, Anguilla
Cassida, Library Assistant, Anguilla

A wonderful afternoon – I’d love to do more of this. This is what its about, this is what I wanted to do when writing the book. Get these positive messages out to the world. I feel sooo honoured to have had this opportunity presented by the Anguilla Tourist Board. I look forward to being even more creative on the next visit – hmmm a book game of some sort! Now back in the rather large penthouse one to get this blog done and upload some pics. I think I am going to have to invest in a Samsung Note, Galaxy or Ipod 5 as the vids and camera are built in and I can email it straight to the blog! Yay. More fun to come later this evening…



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