When you look back over your decisions do you see a pattern? I’ve taken time to look at mine recently and I’ve noticed that with most of them, it is always about moving forward (whilst enjoying the NOW of course) of making something better, improving, adapting and challenging my comfort zone and that of my family.

We are currently all learning Spanish and the children are now in a multilingual school and embarking on their first proper sports classes, swimming, tae kwan do and basketball. We are once again in a new situation but luckily due to the magic of online options and internet, life goes on YAY.

Over the last few years I have always been looking forward ways to add value to people but on my own terms – ie form my Mac Book Pro laptop and the hours that suit me. Luckily I have a good following, client base and high quality products that people want. I get time to take the children to school and pick them up and time to do homework and outdoor time before bedtime approaches.

I feel very lucky to be in this situation and look forward to growing other revenue streams for the future and my family, whilst serving clients and customers with integrity, humour and high quality service! Recently I started to go into a negative spiral and was focussing on all the things I didn’t have and everything that was going t*ts up! So of course my energy went down and you attract more challenges to deal with. I am happy to report I have kicked my own ass and am back doing my morning mantras, video vision boards and staying positively focussed!Sometimes you just drift…so only other area now is to release some of the excess me before Christmas so I can maximise Christmas in London and all those mince pies!

What did 2016 mean for you? The world as usual is doing weird, crazy stuff and miracles happening globally. It is a constant flow of change and we need to roll with it and keep our inner calm. Only we have the power to create our own reality, our own sanctuary and to be what we want to be. It’s never to late to make it happen. 2017 will soon be here. So wherever you are, take stock, measure that positive energy gauge, are you getting more or less of what you actually want? And what can you do to steer yourself back to base. Who can you inspire? Who can you help? Enjoy the journey : )


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