VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR For Connect to Authentic Success – Dreams come True – What about you?

It has been 15 years experience and 3 years on the writing but Connect to Authentic Success: 7 Steps to the Destiny You Deserve is almost ready to launch. 87% […]

Do You Want to Publish your own Book?

I have so many books I want to write its crazy…I’ll be very busy until I am old and grey. As you know there is more to a book that […]

How to maximise your Amazon Affiliate Potential ; )

Considering I do so much online, particularly marketing through social media and Kindle Digital Publishing..I’ve got so carried away with all the new shiny objects I totally forgot about one […]

Wufoo – How to create an online booking form – Another Automated Friend!

I am looking at attending the Anguilla Literary Fest happening at the end of this month. The writer of Waiting to Exhale, Terry McMillan is going to be there and […]

Pinterest – A great Social Media Tool for Small Businesses

I have to say I DO LOVE Pinterest. I know Twitter is big and so is Linked in but being a visual person Pinterest just does it for me. Am […]

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I’ve been in sales for over 15 years now. I’ve done the cold calling by phone, I’ve even trained thousands of consultants and business owners on how to succeed in […]

5 Fabulous Reasons to Put Your Content or Book onto Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle has become a serious player in the publishing world. Of course it does compete with Barnes and Noble and the Ipad. However the distribution of potential and existing […]