Amanda's New Forthcoming Book. Get your Pre-Order Copy Now!
Amanda’s New Forthcoming Book. Get your Pre-Order Copy Now!

Well its been a while as I’ve had my head down writing and completing my new book ‘Connect to Authentic Success: 7 Steps to the Destiny you Deserve’ and looking after my two daughters who are both under 3! It will soon be Rosie’s first birthday. This time last year I was as big as a house and could hardly move!. I was not blessed with easy pregnancies but GOSH both my girls were worth it!
What is your definition of success going to be for this year? My definition has changed drastically since having a second baby. TIME becomes EVEN MORE PRECIOUS which leads me to question, IS WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT NOW WORTH MY LIFE? It seems like a heavy question to ask but with all this new technology and gadgets its so easy to get caught up in Social Media, texting and your ipod (I have to prise it out of my husbands hands sometimes!LOL)The point I am wanting to make is, today I would love you to spend just 5 – 10 minutes checking in with yourself to ensure that what you are doing today is WORTH that super ‘never-can-get-it-back time.
As a mum, guilt tends to creep up on you at regular intervals, especially when I am working on my book or mentoring. You are a bit torn because you want to spend 24/7 and be the ‘ideal mum’ but my business and writer brain wants to be active too! So I have found that I work best in chunks of quality work time and high quality BEING-PRESENT-with-kids time. Plus everything I am doing now is building a foundation for their future where I WORK LESS AND PLAY MORE…are you ready! Make this year your health, wealth and authentic success x A

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