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How do you stay focussed? How do you not get drawn into busy-ness rather than productive business? Sometimes don’t you find that you are so busy and how will you ever get EVERYTHING DONE that you need to do in that 12 hour daily window? As an entrepreneur, author, wife and mom of two girls under 3 somedays I stare at my To-Do list and take a deep sigh! ( Hats off to all entrepreneurs and business pros with children! )

Then I remember I must practice what I teach and take the 3 HIGHEST VALUE TASKS and get them done – if possible before 12 noon. By highest value task – I mean tasks that are not just urgent but are also important, for example if you are in business, REVENUE GENERATING tasks like sales calls, following up on leads and creating a product will all lead to an increase in profits. If you have children and one needs to be vaccinated – this is important but not urgent, however you still need to make the call to the doctor to it’s got to be in there somewhere. As a writer, again, getting another chapter done is not super urgent but time needs to be carved out to, bit by bit get that manuscript completed.

If I don’t focus on keeping those 3 high value items can be easy to drift into your Social Media profiles and spend 5 hours redesigning your business card! As entrepreneurs, especially if you do not have many employees yet, it is so easy to be caught in the BUSY-NESS of running a business or working at your job if you don’t take a deep breath and spend 5-10 minutes making a CLEAR LIST ( I like to hand-write mine in a paper diary – wow I am sooo old school!) of the 3 things and then prioritise accordingly. I am so surprised when I speak to some clients who say ‘Oh its all in my head, I know what i need to do’ or ‘Its in my Iphone’. But they don’t actually succeed at getting the important stuff done. When I pin them down, it usually transpires that 4 hours of their day is lost in just checking and replying to emails that are not REVENUE GENERATING. Focus on what you can DO BEST, anything else that you can – OUTSOURCE! (More on this in a future blog so stay tuned x 😉 )

So my challenge to you for the next 7 days is, take a pen and paper, write the 3 most important tasks down for your home, business or job, them done by noon. I highly recommend you TIME your checking of morning emails to 5 minutes to SCAN for super urgent enquiries and then DO NOT LOOK AT THEM AGAIN TILL NOON. When you complete your 3 items,  reward yourself with a coffee, chocolate, nice lunch!

I would LOVE to hear how you get on with this! I’ve just checked my first task off – reply to Interviewer in Arizona regarding Radio Interview for my Book Launch in March and second item for today – get my blog post done and out there! I look forward to hearing how MUCH YOU GOT DONE and DOWN TO BUSINESS…

Amanda x


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