There have been some amazing events recently, one of my favourites being Andy Murray winning Wimbledon which shows how far you can go when you believe in yourself and PERSIST. Or was it SYNCHRONICITY?

Andy Murray's Persistance Pays Off!
Andy Murray’s Persistance Pays Off!

Christopher Frome is doing well in the Tour de France cycling race and the most important event is that my 17 month old daughter very proudly did her first potty deposit a couple of days ago…the end of nappies is in sight.

Esme is on a roll!
Esme is on a roll!

Being a mom and an entrepreneur/author is not always easy. June was a tricky month as both my daughters kept getting ill one after the other and then around again ; ( So upped intake of more organic fruit and veg and more time in the sun! Seems to be doing the trick,however I did have to put a few of my projects as a 2nd priority. One of them was an interview with a radio show that I finally got to do last week. Funnily enough I have been thinking about hosting a show. I did start one a few years ago on Blog Talk Radio but then moved, had a baby and focussed on my book. Kirk who hosts the radio show is a gem and he mentioned that he was looking for co-hosts. I thought this could be another way to connect with people who are interested and curious about how they can master their own destiny and create the life the truly want! I gladly accepted the ‘synchronistic’ opportunity! Are there any in your life that may be presenting themselves right now?

Kirk is the mastermind behind Your Thoughts Your Reality radio show ( A radio show that interviews and discusses personal development, spirituality and how to create true happiness and abundance in the NOW! So I’ve decided to move ahead and start with a few shows per month. On meeting the other co-hosts it transpired that all of us could not connect with Kirk over the last few weeks. It was only the last week that everyone was ‘ready’ to look at this new opportunity and that we all came together! We all believe it was ‘synchronicity’! I’ll keep you posted on progress and all the show info as we will be looking for interesting and open minded guests too!

So I stopped giving myself a hard time about not completing every darn thing on my to-do list, surrendered and ultimately I am getting better results!

So where is synchronicity happening in your life right now?

Can you see a pattern?

Is there anywhere where you are really struggling and everything just feels so heavy and stressful?

How about you perform a little experiment.Why don’t you make a decision that you hand it all over to ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’ or your “higher self’ just for a day? Stop asking your mind for the answer and give yourself some slack! Most of the time we cannot solve the problem from the level of the problem. So if you just get into the ‘now’, the ‘moment’ and change your angle. Have you noticed also that if you forget a fact, and can’t recall it. Usually a little later in the day, it pops right out? Give it a go and please let me know your results! I can put you in a future blog!

Happy coincidences!

Amanda ; )

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