As you know most of my posts are about internet marketing, making money etc. Today its a little different. I read Eckhart Tolle’s book the Power of Now about 9 years ago. At the time, some bits made sense, the others really went over my head. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teach will appear. Over the years I’ve dipped in and out. However about 3 years ago I started practicing the techniques and advice given a little more seriously. And the results feel good. Yes FEEL good, its about NOT thinking, its about being in the moment (easier said than done, even after 9 years of following Eckhart’s guidlines – practice makes perfect and its no mean feat. How often have you tried to sit and NOT THINK??) Its not impossible but when you do access those moments of ‘stillness’ you sense the kind of joy you get (well that I get!) from chocolate, a hug from my children, a cheeky smile from my husband, looking at the sea, having the sun on my face, then end of a yoga session…the list goes on.

The point is – fulfilment and the great feeling that goes with it is not as far away as you think. When you just stop and listen…turn off the iPod (hard even for me!!) phone, TV, Radio, Kids (if possible LOL) and get on down to not worrying about yesterday, not stressing about tomorrow. This my friend is where the real Power of Fulfilment really lies….happy STILLNESS : ) x A

If you want to know more I highly highly recommend Eckhart’s book…and it’s not very expensive either..get your mitts on it here or my favourite audio of his Findhorn Retreat : )


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