Amanda Steadman – Movo Group / Wealthbabes

Amanda Steadman / Wealthbabes My Road to Success I graduated in Business, French and German and after extensive solo international travel for almost 3 years, I embarked on a career […]

Social Media and Internet Wealth

Internet Wealth This is a subject I get asked about a tremendous amount, especially social media. For those of you running your own company these areas are of no doubt […]

Iceland Volcano – Time for plan B, C, D …..

How did the Volcano eruption in Iceland affect you? I had my flight canceled and spent a fortune calling Air France to find out what was going on! How many […]

AVATAR – What James Cameron did right…and how it can apply to you.

AVATAR – What James Cameron did right…and how it can apply to you. Have you heard of the latest James Cameron film AVATAR?? If you haven’t you cannot have been […]

My notes on Timothy Ferriss Talk at LeWeb 2009 in Paris

Timothy Ferriss, Author, The 4 Hour Workweek My notes on this Talk at LeWeb09 in Paris (See link below) Promote your book on blogs / radio is the most effective […]

Social Media and Networking Top Tips

We were kindly invited to exhibit at the Business Link London – Work/Life Balance Workshop Last week and met some lovely entrepreneurs. There were 2 excellent speakers and if you […]

Online Podcasts vs Videos…

YouTube have 63% of UK market and Iplayer have 11% of YouTube market (normally most of other provider get barely 2%). It has unleashed a global demand to learn film-making […]