VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR For Connect to Authentic Success – Dreams come True – What about you?

It has been 15 years experience and 3 years on the writing but Connect to Authentic Success: 7 Steps to the Destiny You Deserve is almost ready to launch. 87% […]

Are you a Champion of your Choices? St Barths, A Finalist & a Groovy Cycle!

No recession please…this is St Barths darling! A couple of years ago I cut out a couple of pictures of St Barths (short for St Barthelemy) in the French Caribbean […]

2 Miracles, Wimbledon and An Earthquake

How are you getting on out there? Time is fleeting as I work through the re-writes for the book. It’s always makes fascinating reading when you can draw on stories, […]

How to take baby steps to success & celebrate!

Its been an eventful 7 days! Lots of positive goals hit – including letting go of a property in the USA that has been a nightmare with significant financial implications […]

My notes on Timothy Ferriss Talk at LeWeb 2009 in Paris

Timothy Ferriss, Author, The 4 Hour Workweek My notes on this Talk at LeWeb09 in Paris (See link below) Promote your book on blogs / radio is the most effective […]

Social Media and Networking Top Tips

We were kindly invited to exhibit at the Business Link London – Work/Life Balance Workshop Last week and met some lovely entrepreneurs. There were 2 excellent speakers and if you […]