Last week in Manchester, UK another suicide bomber decided that his way was the right way and many souls were taken. It was a shock and sad as the concert he targeted was mainly for children. In other parts of the world on the same day more innocent children were killed in war and other atrocities. I appreciate that these things are sent to make us question what we are here for, as well as getting sad and angry and any human would at seeing the suffering of others.

All my life I’ve never understood why people, human beings (or should I say human doings) are so hateful and cruel to each other. I had a taste of this at school as I was bullied at 5 & 7 years old and again at 11. One was called Caroline and one was called Tracey, both from army families whilst I was in forces school in Germany. Yes I STILL remember their names. I also remember very clearly Caroline pushed me to my limits (I never liked confrontation!) one day after sports class and I had my sports bag in my hand. I whacked her so hard around the head she left me alone after that. I also remember Stuart my neighbour, would pick on me and my Dad saying, ‘Sorry Amanda, you have to fight your own battles’. I hated him at the time for that. But once again I hit a point where I just lost it and pinned him to the ground and clouted him on the head. I disliked having to do that, but sometimes you just HAVE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and choose a different way! I was the odd one out, big buck teeth, skinny and I LOVE LEARNING, which confused the crap out of my class mates. I was the wierdo.

Looking back with all my knowledge and being a parent I understand now WHY they behaved the way they did. It was because they DIDN’T LOVE THEMSELVES and it was unlikely they were getting the support or love they needed from home. NOW it makes sense but it didn’t then. Again, every day I see the similar patterns emerging. Stars committing suicide, suicide bombers, bullies, killers and when you boil it down – if you are very loved and LOVE YOURSELF, its very unlikely you’ll do such crazy shit to others. SO shouldn’t parents, education and schools be looking a little more to this point?

I recently went to a Waldorf School who seem to have it going in the right direction, nurture the children’s souls and the rest will come. A bit radical for most people, even me, but when you look at the school books of what they are creating, their imagination and their inner confidence, its not to be sniffed it. If even 30% of schools took on this form of ‘development’ Im convinced the world would be a different place.

I do feel quite helpless sometimes when the big nasty world events kick off. Then I just breathe, open my heart and send as much LOVE and positive energy I can. I have seen countless studies on the power of prayer and love heal and change things. This is where I will keep putting my energy. This world needs healing and fast. Yes there is a shift of knowledge, many of the new generation WANT to help the earth, they want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and I pray that they will.

Unfortunately for many out there its still about money, power and greed. Lucky for me, Im resonating with a whole different bunch of peeps that DO want to make money but are doing it by helping people and changing the world one person or product at a time! You become who you spend most of your time with – Bear that in Mind when you’re handing out with those dudes who just complain all day! Remember your voice, your energy your gifts count to get out there an share them with those you can help.

When you feel the chaos is getting a little overwhelming just:

BREATHE – watch you chest going up and down for a couple of minutes. Breathe in your blessings and exhale your gratitude : )

LET GO – of any stuff thats hanging in your brain and making you crazy and telling you you’re not enough.

IMAGINE – see you life exactly as you would want it to be in your imagination. Get clear on how you would like things to be…NOW!

GRATITUDE – now more deep breaths as you work though in your head all the people, things and situations you are TOTALLY GRATEFUL for and feel your spirit lift. Where there is gratitude, clarity and love – CHAOS and FEAR cannot reign!

Go out there and shine YOUR counts.


Ciao for now




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