The last couple of weeks have been intersting and I haven’t been myself. There is an energy in the air that is heavy and is creating more challenges than usual. But hey I like experiments and I’m practicing being imperturbable which is a skill with two girls under four I can tell you.

Like most of us, you have an idea of what you want to achieve each week and roughly how you’re going to get there. I have a Success Now Programme running and starting a How To Get Your Book Done Programme as well as a live event next week so I’ve been taking care of this whilst attempting to run a house, be a wife, mom, friend , property manager..and have a social life. I tried to see a friend Jane about 5 times now and it just doesn’t happen! Different reasons every time! Then I sent out all my invites and very different responses to last time. Many did not want to go by email and returned to me. Then just as I wanted to do more work on marketing to pull it all together properly, all my family got a virus and we were all out of synch for a few days.

After feeling much better a few days ago I decided to get out and about and lo and behold my car not working for third time this week, so it’s like someone wants me to stay put! I have to say many times in my life I was pushing rather than allowing. I still achieved results but it took a lot more energy and stress. I’m now practicing doing what I can in the time I do have ( goes sooooo quickly with kids) and spending the rest of my precious time with the family I love so much. My ego is always ready to jump in and say, ” hey you SHOULD by doing this, you should be here by now! Look at all these other people overtaking you on the success ladder! Your’re gonna be left behind!” Years ago, this would have motivated me out of fear. Now, I’m just like “hey whose rules am I going by!? Not yours matey boy! I’m running my own race and actually it’s not a race it’s a journey so back off!” Just like the tortoise and the hare I’ll get there in my own sweet time and with less effort, in flow, experiencing as much happiness as I can on the way! ( ok with some super organisation too)

So when everything feels like a struggle and that you’re walking in treacle..just take a moment out to reassess where you’re going and if it’s worth the effort. If you surrender, sometimes the universe just does it for you if you ALLOW IT! For example I was given a number of someone who wanted help learning English recently. I kept texting, callin etc but we couldn’t get together at that time. A few months ( yes months) our mutual friend just happened to be with this other friend and called me to organise a meeting. Twenty minutes later I was at her place and it all happened from there. So all I had to do was SHOW UP! Everything just fell into place! This week I’ve ‘let go’ and it’s likely my lovely hubby will get my car fixed, I’m spending extra time with my second daughter as well as writing This blog – hurrah. So when it all hits the fan – take a chill pill, have a piña colada, treat yourself to a mini-surrender (time out), then regroup and let the universe take care of the rest..cheers!


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