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How have you been doing? How are you getting on with progressing with online business? Webinars? Products? Your book? I recently released a book which has been brilliant alongside the vids and webinars. I recorded this brief audio for the subscribers that bought the book. As a reader of this blog –  I wanted to share the link with you also : ) to ensure you are on track with your own vision!

I talk about your END STEP and what can work for you, if it’s not materialising already. Some of these concepts are covered again in Mind over Matter, Chapter 5 of the book Connect to Authentic Success (click on book below if you wish to know more)

Here is your link to download your free booster audio: Getting Clear on Your End Step – Please feel free to share the link ; ) Its easy to do, just follow the icons!


Interested in more success or establishing yourself as an expert? If YES, READ ON!


Looking for Authentic Success Now? 

Group Mentoring

I am also starting a new Group Mentoring Programme on June 3rd, there are places left at the moment. We have a mix of individuals interested in becoming authors, expanding their businesses and having the accountability to move forward a lot faster than figuring it all out alone! Click here for more info: AUTHENTIC SUCCESS NOW MENTORING! Or ping me an email to  ; )



Do you want to be recognised as an Author and an Expert?

As you know I have an Amazon Best Selling book out there now and it is a GREAT Feeling. I will be speaking as a VIP at the Anguilla Literary Fest in a couple of weeks – a chance to inspire young and more mature wannabe authors! I love what I do and I want the same for you.

Connect To Authentic Success by Amanda Steadman

Have you ever wanted to write and publish your own book? 

One that transforms your life AND your business? 

I wrote my first book “Connect to Authentic Success” earlier this year. 
It got my name and brand out really fast, and positioned 
me even more credibly as a leader in my industry.  It also forced me to get clear on my unique philosophy 
and my system, both so critical to stand out in your niche. 

Having a “system-in-a-book” allows me to easily create 
my mentoring programs and courses, develop a whole 
suite of products, and create an income with a 
business from home.

If you want to write and publish your own book, then you have to see what my friend Christine Kloser is up to! 

She’s offering her groundbreaking author training program 
called the Transformational Author Experience ABSOLUTELY FREE! 
Christine’s faculty for this virtual training includes 
best-selling authors Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, 
Dan Poynter and many others!

As well as leading book publishing and marketing experts 
like Reid Tracy (the President and CEO of Hay House), Bill 
Gladstone (Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch’s agent) 
and many more! 

When you register now, you’ll also discover how you can 
participate in the Transformational Author Writing Contest … 
and perhaps get discovered as the next Eckhart Tolle or can I cheekily say Amanda Steadman here! The choice is YOURS as they say!


Have a BRILLIANT WEEK Amanda ! Any questions or feedback email me at, if you’re getting stuck on anything let me know and Ill see if I can do an audio/video on it ok!

To your health, wealth and success as always.


Amanda Steadman x

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker & Mentor



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