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Recently I’ve been using a new technique to release energy and unwanted negative emotions so I can stay in imperturbability (neutrality)
Whenever negative events or energy arise, its always a challenge to deal with it, especially when human beings just do not have the values and clarity you have!

I’ve been super tested this weekend with a couple of events I just did not imagine happening. And they both happened in the space of an hour. Then a couple of days later a couple of similar events happened again on the same day, thousands of miles away! So it just shows you that when you are not maintaining as much positivity as possible, negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. You get what you are holding in your mind (for most of us its fear) and not what you actually WANT!

So I did get angry and upset to START with. THEN I JUST LET GO! You cannot CHANGE other people, you can only change your REACTION to what they have said or done, whatever that may be. YOU control the emotions around these events and you also have the power to NEUTRALISE them. Every feeling, which is energy – WANTS TO LEAVE, especially if its negative! Im sure you’ve had that KNOT in your stomach on facing adversity or you may experience it somewhere else in your body. Even with all my meditation, positive thinking and successes, negative emotions will surface. Luckily I am getting much better at getting perspective on it quicker, releasing it and ultimately coming back to positivity and the main goal: LOVE. Love does resolve most problems if you let it. It’s just as human beings, our ego does get in the way and causes chaos. After a couple of days of ‘getting perspective’ and ‘finding the love’, I am now feeling more free and not so concerned about the negative events. I am back to being neutral and it feels GOOD. So whatever you are facing..how do DO get back to your neutral? And remember, that everything happens for a reason and you CAN master those emotions!



Luckily I also had some positive events including lots of brilliant time with my family and two wonderful interviews with amazing hosts. I had a fantastic time on Corporate Talk Radio with Eva and Charlie – who were talented interviewers! Thanks so much for having me and getting the message out there that there are choices in life and that YOU can make them. I look forward to being with you both again very soon! – Listen to the INTERVIEW here – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/toughtalkradionetwork/2013/08/06/corporate-talk–connect-to-authentic-success


I will also be on the SPIRIT Show with the beautiful and outstanding Donella Martin Braddix on Sunday 11th July at http://talktainmentradio.com/shows/spirit.html – she is an energetic, positive lady who is very much authentically successful! Go Donella, love being on your show with the girls and such great questions and insights.

Have an amazing week.

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