Kate Being Kate & Her Boys! Taken by Michael Middleton
Kate Being Kate & Her Boys!
Taken by Michael Middleton

I have to give the thumbs up to the Duchess of Cambridge for approaching the whole birth and after birth phenomenon with normality as well as poise! She’s shunned expensive designer maternity labels and hasn’t rushed to have liposuction or see a personal trainer 5 hours a day to get the ‘perfect’ post-birth flat stomach!

Being an older mom myself it took me ages to get back in shape! I ate well, swam and did workouts but it still took many months! I was a bit hard on myself but after the second daughter I’m like,  ‘OK it will be fine at some point! I am not going to worry about it!’

I am interpreting Kate’s message as ‘Hello world I’ve just given birth to another human being, I’m also a ‘mom’ now and I don’t have to pretend to be a flawless celebrity..I am who I am and my family come first’. Its sooooo REFRESHING!

Hmm I wonder if she’s going to stay at home or will still stay heavily involved in public duties? We’ll see. I do hope she gets as much time with George as possible, especially the first year! It’s amazing as they go from small bundle, to a walking, wild and unpredictable toddler!

The point I want to make is that I am THRILLED, she is just being Kate the Mum right now. It’s a great message that goes out to ladies and girls in particular. So many magazines are filled with unreal pictures of skinny, stunning girls that have been photo-shopped to the hilt. This is NOT real life people! Real life comes with cellulite, a desire for chocolate, the rough and the smooth and more importantly: IMPERFECTION. SO don’t spend any more time today worrying about how big your behind is. Just remember how cool you are just as you (even if you may be hiding a little extra weight under your pleated shirt) and have that second piece of chocolate OK or glass of champers!


Big love!


PS Kate, I must send you a copy of the signed book! : )

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