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Well, well, well, it’s already Valentine’s Day and just yesterday it was Christmas. I do love these days where everyone makes an effort to genuinely be kind and loving to each other! Today is not an exception and Im not sure whether its down to commercialisation or a true spreading of ‘affection’ as I now see Happy Valentine’s cards for even your cat! I can also see on social media that the ‘showing of love and appreciation’ is spreading worldwide today..I LOVE IT. Get rid of those negative emotions and get loved up. Now my question is, how hard would it be to this everyday?

For example my husband is French so when I see if I can make a fuss over Valentine’s Day he says “But Amanda, everyday together should be like Valentine’s day. I tell you all the time I love you, you are the woman of my life. I don’t need to get into all the commercial stuff!” Now on one hand, I think that’s romantic, then I’m back to reality with his last sentence! LOL.

Getting back to my point, ask yourself ‘What COULD I do everyday to make is ‘seem’ or ‘feel’ like Valentine’s Day – EVEN if you’re Single, my girlfriend’s and I always got together at that point and had a blast, its not ALL ABOUT COUPLES! It feels great to be loved, appreciated and cared for, its great to do things that make you happy! You’re in the driving seat so decide you deserve it and get that box of chocolates, or wine or flowers for yourself, or book that pedicure, racing trip or latest gadget. OR just focus on how amazing you already are and that you don’t actually have to DO or BUY anything to feel good!

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