Create the Life You Want
Create the Life You Want

If you had said to me 6 years ago I’d be married with two children, enjoying Caribbean Islands I would have laughed hard! However this has become my reality! From putting a picture of a Caribbean Sandals Resort on my 2008 visionboard to thinking about maybe getting married ONE DAY and doing that on a nice beach somewhere (we’d been to Cyprus and that was the original goal destination before the Euro fiasco)to living, working and playing alongside those palm trees.
Being a Brit Im actually not used to hot temperatures, mosquitos nor a lack of Marks and Spencers, however as one does, you adjust! Becoming a mum twice in the last 5 years has certainly changed my priorities more than I can ever have imagined. No one prepared me for having a family far from London nor the challenges of motherhood, career, health and awareness and it continues to be an ADVENTURE.
When I left Central London in 2009 after years of partying, acting, building businesses and absorbing as much culture as possible we played in France and by pure chance ended up in Saint Martin, not far from Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Going from suburbia to island in middle of nowhere was interesting to say the least. It took 3 months for me to have the courage to drive – with goats, children, chickens and wheely pulling young boys – you didn’t want to kill anything on the way to get your bread!

So What have the positives been of getting a little out of the rat race and out of your usual environment:

– A new perspective on how to enjoy life – you can still achieve but without the stress, family becomes more important and in essence its too DAMN HOT to RUSH ANYWHERE!

– People have more TIME to do what they want, be on a beach after work, chill out at an inexpensive bar or do even more sport.

– MORE places to take children – pretty much most places are on a beach so there is space for kids to run, play and leave the parents to try and enjoy one quiet drink as they all play together. I even attended later evening parties and children were still running around playing. Families like to be TOGETHER. Only recently have I started to see the tablets creeping in to those OUTDOOR activities…: (

– Less brutal advertising and bombardment of information such as negative news, politics, the latest trends, terrorism and other such negative influences.

– A big one for me is safety. It is easier to leave children running around in open areas on islands than in cities. I went to London recently and my two escaped to a park right in front of our rented accommodation and it did take a few seconds for me to register and remember that this was London, not a gated, chilled out community with the odd nutter here and there!

– Range of new food adventures. In supermarkets a little less choice actually makes decision making quicker!

– Outdoor living and increased levels of Vitamin D!

– A confidence in the children that comes with the outdoor living and extensive time in the sea and pools.

– A chance to give back to the community. I did a lot of work with book writing, education and giving books away to demonstrate that even on an island, you can become an author or anything you want to be with the power of the internet.

– You are still connected to the world.THANK GOD everywhere I have gone, I have had INTERNET…ok Im sorry that one is NON NEGOTIABLE OK!

– My children are well adjusted (most of the time) confident, outgoing, slightly tanned, good swimmers, bi-lingual, sociable little people – who have grown up in very mixed multicultural areas and schools. I see no downsides at this point!

For me hubby and I, we do miss the crazy days of Central London sometimes, however as parents and business owners you can create your own destiny. I believe happiness is where you heart is, it is an INTERNAL JOB rather than an external one – and with that, we can be happy anywhere!

So do you have dreams of living somewhere other than you are? Do you want more time with your family/loved ones? Are you inspired follow that dream and check out what makes your heart smile? Do something daring this week and surprise yourself.

So go out there, explore, create, have fun and most importantly JUST BE!

Love and Light


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