After deciding to do a Virtual Book Tour for the launch of the Kindle version of ‘Connect to Authentic Success’ I set about planning the tour and enlisting the help of others who had already done it.

Luckily I’d invested quite a bit of time and money researching it and listening to training on how to get the best bang for your buck! I wanted to do it myself, not just from a cost point of view but because I want to teach others how to do it and get it right! Prices from other providers started at $200 for part of a tour and for a reputable tour provider, you are looking at $2500 and upwards! When you think of the amount of work involved – in most cases it warrants a reasonable price tag and associated fees!

Some of the items you need to consider and my answers to them:

  1. Who is your book targeting? – individuals and businesses that are stuck and want to experience more time, freedom and satisfaction daily!
  2. Who are influencers in your field/field of your audience? – Various other authors, entrepreneurs primarily on Social Media (Facebook in particular)
  3. Which blogs, radio & TV shows or publications could you feature in? – All people dealing with entrepreneurs, moms, ladies and authors.
  4. What is your timescale to launch? ( 8 weeks plus is recommended, however if you want bigger players allow at least 3-6 months plus!) – I had 4 weeks!
  5. What is your budget? Under $1500 all in
  6. What are you good at? Calling radio stations and booking or are you better at focusing on getting the book production completed? Getting joint venture partners onboard. – Im good at most things on this list bar the mundane! So outsourced research and contacting media.
  7. What can you outsource? – Research, graphics, press releases, website design, facebook ads. I use
  8. Who do you know who has done it before? Who else can help you? – I approached key players who have done it and listened to their webinars. I enlisted a Virtual Assistant and willing online expert friend Bobby to help.
  9. Who could be your joint venture partners? – I asked every one I know!
  10. Which technology will you use? – Primarily social media, Word Press and website. Phoned most radio stations.
  11. How will you publicise the events? Email, social media, word of mouth – Joint venture partners.
  12. What will happen AFTER the Tour? Ongoing marketing plans? – An extended and new Virtual Book Tour to promote the PAPER BACK VERSION!

Here is the link to the EVENT I set up on Facebook; Free and easy to set up and great to get interaction and comments;

THE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR EVENT PAGE – Click on the book : )

Connect To Authentic Success by Amanda Steadman


FOR AN EXAMPLE OF A VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR RADIO INTERVIEW – Here is an example of one of the interviews I did on the Canadian leg of the tour with Lizy T:

                                                                                Click on Lizy T below to listen in!

Virtual Book Tour for Connect to Authentic Success with Lizy T








So with the information above and the two examples, how else can you get your message out there? More to come and the full Virtual Book Tour Details and Links!

To your health, wealth and success x

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