Many moms I meet are doing work online now. They don’t feel the pressure of having to work for someone else and can create their life around the children. People underestimate the power of freedom and being able to work life around your family. Some of us plod on in jobs that make us unhappy, crazy bosses and a salary that just doesn’t get bigger. Can you imagine making money whilst you are feeding the baby, taking the children to the beach of home-schooling them early in the morning?

Recently I am meeting more and more moms and parents who are traveling the world WITH their children and giving them life experiences they just could NOT get sitting in a school in their own country. It is never to late to rent out the house, get some flight tickets and take a sabbatical to check it out. DON’T wait till your 65 to LIVE THE DREAM, you can do it now if you REALLY WANT TO! There is always a way ; )

This is something I have been doing for quite a while now and it FEELS GOOD. Ok not the same as working in a cosy corporate team BUT it does mean more BEACH time and with digital products in particular you do make money whilst you sleep. On that matter I will be launching a new book very very soon so watch this space.

In the meantime I wanted you to know about a FREE ONLINE conference about how to make money online. Its focussed primarily on Amazon/E-commerce sellers. However if you are thinking about making money online and working from home in the future. I highly recommend you check it out. They have world class experts who will give lots of INSIDER INFORMATION on HOW TO SUCCEED and build a BUSINESS ONLINE SUCCESSFULLY!

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