Feel Love by 3.15pm

What are you waiting for? To be a millionaire, to retire, to get that perfect job, partner, house, car, location, holiday, hairstyle or body? In today’s society we are encouraged regularly to buy more, to consume more information because we aren’t enough already. The great thing about LOVE is that you have access to it all the time! The trouble is we get busy, we think it has to come from a partner or the children or something external (not saying the partner or children’s love isn’t awesome)

The point I am making is that when we are ‘in love’ – the world is a brighter place. Remember the last time you fell in love? Time goes into a new dimension, you focus on all the positive things happening around you (as we all know now, you get what you focus on!) Your business could be going through a rough patch, the bills are piling up, you cannot see a way out..then you surrender and discover that actually love (and health) are pretty important!

I remember going through some dark times a few years ago where my husband and I had almost lost everything except our house. One month we’re enjoying our 6 figure consulting business, a few weeks later the world has lost the plot and it was a 180 degree turn! Luckily we both had each other and it gave us a chance to examine what was really important and how you can be happy without the 6 figures in the bank by just deciding to be and connecting with the love within! Luckily life now is where we want it to be, with our NEW PERSPECTIVE and we have not forgotten the personal and business lessons learned back then. Everything happens for a reason – but if you are not happy or are not feeling ‘the lurv’ in your life as you would like to, here is my gift to you:

My Ebook – FEEL THE LOVE BY 3.15pm: 21 Ways to Feel Love and Happiness Right Now!


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