How to Build up to a Mini Paperback Launch

Top Carrot is the place to be on Monday 23rd Sept for the SXM Connect to Authentic Success Paperback Book Launch…no Kindles in sight today! ( I still love you […]

Just be yourself..Kate Middleton New Mom doing it well!

I have to give the thumbs up to the Duchess of Cambridge for approaching the whole birth and after birth phenomenon with normality as well as poise! She’s shunned expensive […]

Just when you think you have it all sorted!

  Recently I’ve been using a new technique to release energy and unwanted negative emotions so I can stay in imperturbability (neutrality) Whenever negative events or energy arise, its always […]

The Power of Synchronicity

There have been some amazing events recently, one of my favourites being Andy Murray winning Wimbledon which shows how far you can go when you believe in yourself and PERSIST. […]