How to Build up to a Mini Paperback Launch

Top Carrot is the place to be on Monday 23rd Sept for the SXM Connect to Authentic Success Paperback Book Launch…no Kindles in sight today! ( I still love you […]

How to Launch a Book on Amazon’s Kindle

How do you get a Kindle book to No1 on Amazon within a book launch? Here is part of the equation and I go through the process myself with the […]

Feel the Love by 3.15pm – 21 Ways How to Feel Love and Happiness Right Now

What are you waiting for? To be a millionaire, to retire, to get that perfect job, partner, house, car, location, holiday, hairstyle or body? In today’s society we are encouraged […]

To Business or not to Busy-ness? How to stay focussed daily!

How do you stay focussed? How do you not get drawn into busy-ness rather than productive business? Sometimes don’t you find that you are so busy and how will you […]

Are you a Champion of your Choices? St Barths, A Finalist & a Groovy Cycle!

No recession please…this is St Barths darling! A couple of years ago I cut out a couple of pictures of St Barths (short for St Barthelemy) in the French Caribbean […]

Wufoo – How to create an online booking form – Another Automated Friend!

I am looking at attending the Anguilla Literary Fest happening at the end of this month. The writer of Waiting to Exhale, Terry McMillan is going to be there and […]

Amanda Steadman – Movo Group / Wealthbabes

Amanda Steadman / Wealthbabes My Road to Success I graduated in Business, French and German and after extensive solo international travel for almost 3 years, I embarked on a career […]

Money plus interest = money working for you = MORE PROFIT

Money plus interest = money working for you = MORE PROFIT Gosh where did the last year go? It doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was celebrating my birthday […]

Interest rates may stay low til 2011…

Interest rates may stay low til 2011… What should you be doing about it? The Bank of England reckons inflation will fall and the base rate will remain at 0.5% for […]