Letting Go...feels good!
Letting Go…feels good!

As a parent pretty much most of what I do now is to spend more time with my children, yes I love helping people, yes I love writing and e-commerce but when it comes to my babies. Im totally up for fun with them. It goes by so quickly I don’t want them saying ‘You were always on your Mac!’

I was checking Emails and came across one by Webinar Dude Casey Zeeman, who just became a first time dad. His email was touching so I just had to repost part of it, as its message is there are so many things in this life we CANNOT CONTROL, which leads us to TOTAL STRESS!
I have been guilty of this but as I get older I am totally going with the flow when at all possible.

Here are some of Casey’s thoughts:

Do you ever have weeks that you’ve completely crafted/architected
that take a complete 180% turn?

Life is a funny and fickle thing. We try to control so much but at the end of the day, life has other plans. Well this was my week last week.

A life changing week. A week of firsts.

1. My first child was born last week.
2. This was the first time I cried in the middle of an airport while visiting a different Country.
3. This was the first time I took 2 back to back red eye flights in the span of 24 hours to and from the United States to a different country.

You see, it started off with finishing a mastermind one week ago with the incredible Lewis Howes…. followed by a red eye to Haiti to visit our 2 sons we’re adopting.

Well…less than 23 hours after arriving in Port Au Prince, I got the word that Diana (my wife ) went into early labor…4 weeks early. So after visiting my sons for a couple hours I had to leave to start my journey back to the States. Luckily, my Mom and Step-Dad who came with me stayed in Haiti to bond with the boys.

(We’re months from bringing the boys home…they live in an orphanage and this adoption process has taken 2+ years…. )

While I was in the Port Au Prince airport awaiting my newly booked flight reservation…our Doula phoned and said that Diana was going into labor NOW!

She placed the phone next to Diana’s head so I could hear everything as it transpired. I heard Diana work to push our baby out while I was crying and yelling ‘You can do it baby!!’

And the moment I heard my little girl’s cry for the first time, I broke down right in the middle of the airport. People were like… ‘What’s up with this guy?’

10 hours later I made it back to LA with no more than 6 hours of sleep over 3 days. When I arrived this is who I met. My little peanut!

Dale Marianna Zeman was born January 31 at 10:10am at 4lb, 7 ounces.

Born on the same day as my Grandfather. My Dad’s Dad. Coincidentally, my brother’s daughter was born on our other Grandfather’s birthday. My Mom’s Dad. Crazy!

First thing I did when I got to the hospital was kiss my amazing wife who is a rock star. She was so strong and did an amazing job with the baby.

Was I sad I missed the birth?

Yes & No…

If I think about it for a long time, I start to have regret of not being there…that moment is gone forever. But then I remember this quote.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”
― Allen Saunders

We try to control so many variables and eventually we just have to give up control.

Life is fickle and funny and likes to play little tricks on us. As someone whose constantly trying to architect systems and plans in business, I’m always striving to get more and more autonomous with my life.

So that I can step away and things can just work. And for the most part they do. But the beauty and disaster of life is that you never have EVERYTHING figured out.
You can try as hard as possible, but you can’t control everything.
If I wasn’t bendable in my life, I would have been forced down a much different path. One that I wouldn’t be happy about.

So if there’s one thing I can reflect on and offer as advice around life (which isn’t some crazy bit of sage wisdom, but yet my own self discovery) is that you have to stay persistence in life and bend like a reed.

So for those of you who have businesses, you probably understand this idea.

Often you have to be flexible.
As such, let the things come to you as they will. The unexpected. The beauty. The pain. Life is that forever search for a balance that will never come.


Great words from a successful, balanced entrepreneur and new parent! Thanks Casey. I invite you to think about what you’re trying to control and let it go! If you want to live a life on your terms, decide to do it right now! I became an entrepreneur many years ago, I learned a lot in corporate life and I LOVE working in teams, however I also love TOTAL flexibility and NOT HAVING TO COMMUTE to an OFFICE every day. So if you are commuting and really want a life thats exciting, challenging and rewarding…consider being your OWN BOSS or at least working from where you WANT TO!

Happy Adventures ; )

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